Saturday, September 11, 2010

Same old, same old? [Updating]

I don't know why it slips my mind to update my promos here before each quarter...oh right, I do - since the blog has no regular followers, there's really not any positive pressure being exerted on me. Though, the more places I link to it professionally as my "art" website/blog, the more I logically ought to be keeping up on it.

But really, the only thing that has necessarily changed in description for this upcoming Fall session (starting Tuesday evening, Sept. 14) is the class dates. Seeing as it isn't summer, we're back to a straight eight-week course rather than a split 4+4, which is just fine with me. I have yet to figure out how to viably condense an effective drawing course, 'unlearning' and learning both, into a four-week span, as some students missed the point that it was a through-composed course and not a 'taster' class.

The main point of clarity there is that I can't give a full Art History lecture on canon and anatomy and proportions the second week if that's going to also be the halfway-mark of the course. So, ditch the scheduled lecturing, give the lecture notes as a handout - and/or have available as online resource, as in posted here - and perhaps we won't have issues of going off on tangents then, especially when discussing the humanistic innovations of Hellenistic art and the Amarna Revolution, which always seem to lead into a general discussion of history, symbolism, cultural anthropology and religious controversies. Not that I shy away from controversy, of course...but the point of a drawing class is to draw, and I do want to make sure that in-class time is spent efficiently on that, especially since adult students who are working and/or have children of their own cannot be expected to do "homework" on any regular basis, making the studio of the class itself an island of time/space to actually work within.

For the fall, though, I can be indulgent there. And if I wind up shy of the minimum number of students for Fall quarter, then we'll see how it works out to have classes (or private lessons) at the house, as well as the usual Halloween-themed workshops. It can be done, after all, and I have the wherewithal to do it.


For reference if seen in a timely manner, here's the link to the LaGrange Art League's current class brochure: - mine is #8 this time around.


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